Saturday, 18 August 2012

To all Galaxy Note fans in Singapore

After its début in 2011, I decided to make a switch from iPhone to Android. Back then, clearly the options were limited. What I refer to as options is the range of good Android phones available back then.

Then came Samsung Galaxy Note. What attracted me is the 5.3 inch screen size. If you browse heavily on your phone and you have been browsing from iPhone, you know how irritatingly painful to browse from such a small screen. After I made the switch, the rest is history.

I just love the big screen and the pleasant browsing experience that you are getting from such screen size. To me, the size is perfect as many guys would agree (we have big pockets). While Apple has been accusing Samsung for infringing its patents, I think the Galaxy Note idea is really cool and they deserve some credit for that.

I once bring my newly purchased Galaxy Note and showed a video playing on it to my 65-year old grandma. Guess what was her reaction? She absolutely loved it. The big picture is just perfect for her eyesight. I am sure many of you Galaxy Note fan in Singapore have many stories to tell.

If you are a Galaxy Note fan and looking to buy one, I have a long list of brand new and used Samsung Galaxy Note that are on sale in Singapore.

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